It Takes A Rogue (Book 2 – The Dorset Chronicles)


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It Takes a Rogue to know a Rogue

It’s 1688. England, a nation struggling with its identity, is staring at yet another momentous rebellion, this time led by William of Orange.

Henry, the new Earl of Sherborne, has a deep secret to keep. Recently married to Grace Davenport, he walks a tightrope between loyalty and rebellion.
Grace’s elder brother Matthew Davenport, exiled in Holland after the disastrous Monmouth Rebellion of 1685, jumps at the opportunity to return to Dorset as a scout for the planned invasion. Their brother Thomas, free from the oversight of their strict Presbyterian father, has found his vocation in building. Desiring nothing more than a quiet life, he is dragged into a world of espionage in order to save his brother.
Penelope Withers, selfish & cold-hearted, sets her sights on marrying above her and enters into a marriage of convenience with the Duke of Wiltshire. She hungers for human warmth yet is ice-like with others. That is until she meets Lady Roakes, who is compassionate and kindly despite her own wicked past. Together they forge a friendship through tragedy that fundamentally changes their lives, both learning that a rogue need not stay a rogue forever.
Set in the very heart of Dorset amidst the threat of competing political and personal forces, these lives are dramatically intertwined through ambition, love and revenge.
Following on from the first in The Dorset Chronicles (A New Lease on Freedom), It Takes A Rogue is a must-read for those looking for a thrilling tale of anguish, adventure and suspense
set amidst the forging of modern England.

The story continues in book 3, A Simple Mistake.

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