A New Lease on Freedom (Book 1 – The Dorset Chronicles)


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1680s England is on the brink.

Thomas and Grace Davenport are the wilful youngest children from a strict puritanical Dorset family who are torn apart by the death of their mother.

The ambitious Duke of Monmouth, illegitimate son to the old King, Charles II, lands with a small force in Dorset, seeking to depose his staunch Catholic uncle, James II, for fear of him re-establishing a Catholic dynasty in a precarious Protestant country.

Thomas and Grace meet Henry, the heir to the corrupt Earl of Sherborne, who falls deeply in love with Grace but a Catholic nobleman is forbidden to marry a Puritan. Their budding relationship is ripped apart when Henry is forced to take up arms to join the fight against Monmouth.

Lady Merriman, a vivacious woman with a tragic secret that would threaten the foundations of the Earldom, becomes a surrogate mother to Thomas and Grace but goes missing in extraordinary circumstances and they become determined to track her down.

Against the background of civil war, brutal imprisonment, and fierce determination borne of love, they face an immense struggle in their quest to find their beloved friend and overcome intense personal battles to achieve stability and order in the most turbulent of times.

A must-read for those who love the history and drama of an emerging nation.

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