18 Acres of England


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Ben Franklin has a mind-numbing job as a White House security guard.

Dakota Jamieson is one quarter into a forty-year sentence for a crime she didn’t commit. The link is Dakota’s mother who is Ben’s landlady in DC.

Ben stumbles upon a secret so incredible it threatens to turn the western world in on itself, turning long friendly nations into enemies.

The question is; did the United States of America really get its independence or is it still a secret vassal of the British Empire?

Dakota has slaved her way through a history degree from her prison cell. Now, for her master’s thesis, she must uncover what went on a quarter of a millennium ago, when America and Britain were sworn enemies. She has to call upon scant resources and, surprisingly, Ben is chief amongst them.

Both Ben and Dakota must fight the system and do whatever is necessary to uncover the truth, while finding an unexpected friendship along the way.

But are love, determination, and long forgotten documents enough to unravel the life changing truth about America?

A must read for all who want know the price of truth.

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