One shot in the Storm (Book 4)

By Chris Oswald



It’s 1690, and the wily lawyer and convicted criminal, Simon Taylor, is sentenced to indentured service in America but enlists instead. Quickly promoted, he is sent back to England on a vital secret mission. Can he succeed or will his own duplicitous character be the death of him?

Henry, Earl of Sherborne, is keen to fight for his country, although as a Catholic he can never be an officer. Sent to Ireland, his section forms part of the diversionary tactics at the Battle of the Boyne. Yet a court martial hangs over him for breaking ranks in a desperate attempt to save the doomed Duke of Schomberg.

Newly-married Thomas and Bridget Davenport devise a plan to rescue Taylor’s ailing daughter, Amelia, from an abusive marriage. The plan is complicated as Thomas is harbouring an intense secret. How will Bridget react to her husband’s strange behaviour?

Penelope, the feisty Dowager-Duchess of Wiltshire, inherits great wealth but it comes with a catch; she will only get the money when she produces an heir. But how can she achieve this when the love of her life is…her maid?

One Shot in the Storm continues the lives of the diverse characters of the Dorset Chronicles amidst the turbulent political and social change that is Britain in the late 17th Century.

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