It Takes a Rogue

By Chris Oswald



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In 1688, England is on the brink of something terrible. And Dorset is in the thick of it. Will James II’s dictatorial policies lead to invasion by William of Orange?

Thomas Davenport, a builder, has a diminishing workload due to national uncertainty.

Henry, the new Earl of Sherborne, has a deep secret to keep. Recently married to Grace Davenport, he walks a tightrope between loyalty and rebellion.

Matthew Davenport, exiled in Holland, jumps at the opportunity to return to Dorset as a scout for the planned invasion.

The Wiltshires are rich and aristocratic. She hungers after human warmth yet is ice-like with others. This is, until she meets Lady Roakes. Together, they learn that a rogue need not stay a rogue forever.

William gains momentum, people flocking to join him, some less salubrious than others.

Ambition, love and revenge make an intriguing tale that ranges across Dorset, causing anguish, adventure and suspense.

A must-read for those looking for an exciting story set amidst the forging of modern England.

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