God Was Bored

                                                                       The book you’ve been waiting for

                                                                            (only you did not know it).

God Was Boredis a thought-provoking thriller set in the Vatican of the future. Can Humphrey Barrow, a young Jesuit priest with two doctorates in the theology of celibacy, save the Catholic Church from those that would change it beyond recognition…

…the victims.

One, in particular, is determined to bring about change and she harnesses the mighty powers of the marketplace to achieve her aims. Will Tammy Shroton, a young American with a past she will not talk about, triumph over the cunning and ambitious Cardinal Forrundiker or will she kneel at the altar rail and accept his blessing as he moves relentlessly upwards in the Church?

Will Sophie LaNeve, the cardinal’s lowly and frustrated assistant, get over her hatred and employ her fine mind and imagination to good purpose or bad?

Does religion as we know it, end in 2034 or will those looking back see it as just one more hurdle in the creation of eternity?

God was bored for a while, but you won’t be.

God Was Bored, the new thriller by Chris Oswald, will be released on Tuesday 14thJuly and pre-orders will be available soon. Please email Chris@chrisoswaldbooks.comif you would like to reserve a signed copy.

All Change on the Euro front

So much is going on at the moment, anyone could easily forget that we are also in a process of leaving a bureaucracy that many have spent much of their lives within.

Negotiating with the EU is never easy. But think for just a moment what it was like for George Unwin-Smith, an academic thrust to the fore of an impossible political situation in 2024, not that very long ago!

Power, once surrendered, becomes virtually impossible to claim back; that is the history of empire, of human nature the world over. But that is the task that George and his small team faced in 2024: A History of the Future; overwhelming odds and next to zero chance of success.

Unless history could lend a helping hand.

Join George and his extraordinarily ordinary colleagues as they struggle with the impossible, making sense of the nonsensical, living life truly on the edge.

Read 2024: A History of the Future at:


(signed copies available)

ebook at:


Coming from Nowhere Armed with a Blank Piece of Paper

Starting with a blank piece of paper is like coming from nowhere. Coming from nowhere implies a journey, a destination, planned arrival time, schedule of stopovers.

You’re going from nowhere to somewhere.

But the difference with writing is that somewhere could be anywhere. And nowhere is actually somewhere because a starting point is just where your life has taken you so far.

So maybe writing is going from somewhere to anywhere.

But maybe I am getting too philosophical.

Maybe it is not about the destination but about the journey.

But maybe that is a terrible cliché!

The truth is the best type of writing is starting with a blank piece of paper and just writing, like improvising on the guitar or singing a silly song you’ve just made up, letting what is inside tumble out with only just enough discipline to ensure it is readable, translates into a damn good story.

So where does this ‘coming from nowhere’ concept come from? Well, I’m not known as a writer but that doesn’t make me any better or worse than the next writer in line. Some poor authors get very well known. Don’t ask me who, because I don’t want to make any more enemies, but you probably have your own ideas.

Likewise, I expect some excellent ones stay in nowhere all their lives, either happy with their lot or frustrated, angry at the system.

My first book, just released, ‘2024: A History of the Future’ made it into the top five thrillers most requested on a recent Goodreads giveaway. It is self-published, like many are, so no help from a fat marketing budget. It ‘sold’ on its appeal, its racy and topical story lines and the great cover by Bookbeaver, which encapsulates the themes and essence of the book to perfection.

I think that is going from nowhere to somewhere.

I just don’t know where.

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