Most are indifferent.

Some cause damage inadvertently.

A very few are actually spot on, doing the business, delivering for the people.

While a handful of governments are evil.

That was the case in 1692 when the governments of England and Scotland colluded in a massacre of Scottish citizens.

MacDonalds to be precise.

Yes, they were awkward so-and-sos, the MacDonalds of Glen Coe. But does that give the government the right to wade in with swords slashing? Especially when the culprits were staying in the MacDonald homes in Glen Coe.

Talk about abusing hospitality!

The more I researched Glen Coe, the more I realised how downright bad and evil the governments of 1692 were. To order the soldiers to turn on their own people, their own hosts, and slaughter them, putting “All to the Sword under Seventy”. Of course it had a lot to do with the Jacobite movement and making William III’s backyard secure so that he could concentrate on his European goals. There’s a wider context but that can’t obscure or justify the evil committed.

That evil lingers, at least that’s how I see it. Glen Coe has an atmosphere even now, 330 years later.

“It was as if the dead crowded out the living…” These are the opening words of All to the Sword, Book 5 in the Dorset Chronicles, the history and drama surrounding the emergence of our modern nation.

All to the Sword will be released in mid-February 2022, a little delayed but better late than never!

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