The book you’ve been waiting for

                                                                            (only you didn’t know it).

God Was Bored is a thought-provoking thriller set in the Vatican of the future. Can Humphrey Barrow, a young Jesuit priest with two doctorates in the theology of celibacy, save the Catholic Church from those that would change it beyond recognition…

…the victims.

One, in particular, is determined to bring about change and she harnesses the mighty powers of the marketplace to achieve her aims. Will Tammy Shroton, a young American with a past she will not talk about, triumph over the cunning and ambitious Cardinal Forrundiker or will she kneel at the altar rail and accept his blessing as he moves relentlessly upwards in the Church?

Will Sophie LaNeve, the cardinal’s lowly and frustrated assistant, get over her hatred and employ her fine mind and imagination to good purpose or bad?

Does religion as we know it, end in 2034 or will those looking back see it as just one more hurdle in the creation of eternity?

God was bored for a while, but you won’t be.

God Was Bored, the new thriller by Chris Oswald, is available by clicking below for signed copies.

Or for e-books go to:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/God-Was-Bored-Chris-Oswald-ebook/dp/B08FF55YFP/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=god+was+bored&qid=1630683146&sr=8-1

God Was Bored

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