So, who are the Beat Kids?


It goes back to 1959 and the Great Clampdown. The Resistance, under the leadership of Mike Jazz, were getting cocky, daring to do things they had never done before. The authorities had no choice; they had to clamp down.

Order must be maintained.

Sector 8 was once Great Britain, until the fateful Battle of Britain in 1940 and the resulting occupation. Now, two decades later there were many sudden orphans, young boys and girls, some teenagers.

They gathered together in the Chislehurst Caves united by two things. Dr Janet Fisher, disbarred for no other reason than being a female doctor, brought them together and cared for them deep below ground. She became their mother and they became her kids.

The other unifying factor was this strange new music from America. It spoke to the oppressed because it came from the slaves. Yet it was not all despair, giving sounds of hope, of rebuilding defiance, of something to live for.

They made their own rock and roll hundreds of feet below the ground. And through their music they hoped.

The authorities soon heard of the Beat Kids but, try as they might, they could not find them. Everything that came from America was degenerate, lacked discipline and order, had to be stamped out.

But to stamp something out, you first have to find it.

The Stuff of Heroes is the first in the Semblance of Order Trilogy, depicting a valiant struggle against the odds, showing the differences and, ultimately, the similarities, between chaos and order.


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