One Shot in the Storm is book 4 in the Dorset Chronicles series, adventure, drama and love in the forging of our modern nation. William of Orange is on the throne but the reign is far from secure. James II badly wants his throne back but fled the country and some say his right to the throne in December 1688. He’s in Ireland and a definite threat. But if William goes, he leaves the door open for Louis XIV of France, the Sun King, and the most powerful man in the world.

The answer is a lightening strike in Ireland, bring James to battle and win (rather essential), then return to England before Louis can move against him. James knows this yet his character acts against his interests once again. He goes into battle against William, despite advice to the contrary. Sound counsel says to take the ports and starve William of supplies while avoiding a fight. Instead James goes into the Battle of the Boyne, at best half believing he can win.

He loses and yet again he flees.

So how does this effect our folk in Dorset?  The Earl of Sherborne is desperate to fight but the Test Acts make it impossible for him to take a commission. This does not bar the way for him. He enlists as a private soldier and experiences the Battle of the Boyne first hand.

There is war in the American colonies as well. It follows the familiar pattern – England against France. And one of our Dorset people is over there to witness the frustrations of tit-for-tat border wars, before returning to Dorset with specific aims in mind.

Meanwhile, back in Dorset, there are thrilling adventures; death, the gallows, love lost and found again and new hope piercing through those dark storm clouds.

One Shot in the Storm is due out in early April.

Here’s the front cover:





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