Here’s the back cover write up to A Simple Mistake, book 3 in the Dorset Chronicles, Historical Fiction set when our modern nation was forged:


Anyone can make a mistake…


Believing himself spurned by the woman he loves, Thomas Davenport leaves Dorset, intent just to get away. He ends up in Ireland, at the height of the 1689 James Stuart invasion. He meets Tristan Browne, an Irishman born in Barbados, coming home to a land in uproar.


The Siege of Londonderry, like so much in the Seventeenth Century, puts countryman against countryman in a bitter war of attrition, starvation and resilience. Bridget Browne is caught up in it and writes a startling account, full of insight.


Unknown to Thomas, his brother Matthew is also in Ireland, wishing only to be on the pulpit in his native Dorset, but his sense of duty prevails.


Thrown together by fate, the four must flee Ireland when Matthew uncovers a corrupt scheme, the work of old adversary Parchman, who is also wreaking havoc back home in Dorset.


Can Great Little and Bagber Manor survive as we have come to know them, or will Parchman succeed and see his foes out on the streets, beggar bowl in hand?


As we move relentlessly towards the modern age, our heroes and villains have their own struggles, which build into the drama of an extraordinary nation in the making.

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