Don’t make the simple mistake of forgetting to order A Simple Mistake!

Book 3 in the Dorset Chronicles series will be out in a couple of weeks. A Simple Mistake is set in 1689. Thomas and Matthew Davenport go to Ireland separately and for very different reasons. They go as Protestants during the height of James II’s invasion, a last ditch attempt to win back the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland that Parliament decided he forfeited when he fled London on a barge.

Meanwhile, back in Dorset, evil forces are disrupting the order only recently re-established after the tumultuous events of the Great Rebellion of 1688.

A rebellion that changed Britain forever.

It will be on Amazon and in a growing number of bookshops. Tune in for more news as to the release date.

(for the super observant, note the back cover write up is a placer for the time being – it is actually the back cover words of It Takes a Rogue, book two in the Dorset Chronicles series)

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