Calling Sturminster Newton!

Following on from the launch of The DORSET CHRONICLES fiction series this Friday, I will be giving a short – very short! – talk in the Sturminster Newton Library on Tuesday 16th April, next Tuesday, at 12.40pm.

The lunchtime talk is on the reasons and ideas leading up to the DORSET CHRONICLES, the must-read series for those who love the drama and history behind the emergence of our modern nation.

The late Seventeenth Century was a critical time for England and Dorset – religious strife was rampant, revolution was in the air. Indeed, it was attempted once in Dorset and then succeeded in Devon three years later.

It makes our present upsets over Brexit look timid in comparison!

It was a time when the rules were being written for our modern constitution and if you were rich and powerful, or just very determined, those rules could still be bent in your favour.

So, if you are tempted by a dose of history and a dose of fiction rolled into one revelatory set of stories about our past, then make sure you head to the Sturminster Newton Library for 12.40 on Tuesday 16th April.

Copies of both book one, A New Lease on Freedom, and book two, It Takes a Rogue, will be available for purchase and signing on the day. Book three will follow this summer.

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