Not ‘Postage and Packing, nor an allusion to ‘Pride and Prejudice’, rather ‘Plans and Progress’. And there is quite a lot of both plans and progress!


I’ve just finished my fourth book, ‘God was Bored’. I’ll tell you all about that in a later post, but I think you will find it very different and well worth a read. But first an apology for so few posts recently. I’ve been head-down trying to get ‘God was Bored’ complete before the end of August, while also pretty involved in a major building project at our home in Dorset. The house was built in the eighteenth century on heavy clay but scanty foundations. In the twelve years we’ve owned our home, it has slipped and slid about the place, while we’ve bumped around inside the small rooms and broken most of the crockery we ever owned. Now we’re changing that with a new, load-bearing extension that will allow the family to fit in all at the same time!

It has meant we’ve had to look at bricks, blocks, rooftiles, windows and doors until when I close my eyes at night I’m seeing plans and sketches rearing up in my dreams. But Dorset is a grand place to build because it had a heritage of beautiful architecture. Hence, we’ve been stopping our car on awkward bends in narrow roads to take pictures of brickwork or gable ends. If you’re one of the victims of our happy snappy activities then I apologise.

I seem to be spending all my time apologising so will move on.


My third book, ‘The Stuff of Heroes’, is coming out later this year – precise date is being argued over as I write this post. I would be interested in your views. Should we publish as early as possible, say late September and let the book speak for itself? Or should we promote it first and delay the launch until November?

‘The Stuff of Heroes’ is the first book in ‘The Semblance of Order’ trilogy. It is an adventure story with a dose of comedy, but it has a serious side as well. The trilogy looks at the relationship between chaos and order. Are they really very different and how connected are they? What is order and what is chaos? Are humans in a natural state of chaos and, at best, give just a semblance of order? That is my contention, seen through the precarious grip an invading power has on Britain.

But don’t panic! It is not a heavy book, rather the import slips into the novel, just as our house is slipping in the clay.

The book cover has been released today and is now on all my social media outlets and the website. Please let me know what you think. The five most interesting comments will get a free ebook prior to general release.

So that is me and my plans right now. I’ve a lot more to say and a lot more to ask you, so please keep reading both the books and the posts!


I will leave you with the recently finished book cover of ‘The Stuff of Heroes’. Let me know what you think in the ‘comments’ section below and be in with a chance to win an ebook before it goes on sale!





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