18 Acres Of England

By Chris Oswald


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How do you fight when everything is set against you?

Do you rollover and accept it, try and work the system from within, this being your life now? Or do you stand as tall as you can despite the chains, the cruelty, the mindless routine? And how do you get through each day when you are not the strongest, the wiliest or the meanest?

How does a country fight for its independence when its leaders have second thoughts? Or are they thinking again? When the events are clouded in a quarter millennium of swiftly passing history, how can you tell?

It was Dakota’s job to determine what happened, but she had to do it from a medium security prison cell, not yet a quarter into a forty year sentence for a foolish youthful act.

Her only friend on the outside was her mother. Until Ben came into her life. Ben was her age, a security guard who stumbled upon a secret so incredible it threatened to turn the western world in on itself, setting friendly nations against each other, undermining the foundations of the first world.

Richard Sutherland was long dead to Ben and Dakota. Centuries had passed but it became their mission to bring out his legacy from the depths of history. Through love, determination, and long forgotten documents they would attempt to unravel the life changing mystery that lay upon American soil.

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